Investment Advice

Are you the owner of a successful business, who earns a lot of money every year? Have you won a handsome sum in the sweepstakes or by winning the lottery? Keeping the money idle is not going to reap you any benefits. You can invest it in fixed deposits or put it in a savings bank account. However, the interests earned through these methods are a pittance. Are you aware that you can, with a bit f luck, double your money in an year of so by investing it properly? Investing in shares and derivatives is one of the options available for you. However, you need to be very careful, as a wrong investment can prove hazardous. Millions of people lost most of their money during the global economic collapse that last took place in the first quarter of 2008. However, individuals like Warren Buffet have become multi billionaires by investing their money in proved assets. Apart from this, you also need a professional accountant to maintain your book of accounts so that you do not end up paying a major percentage of your earnings in taxes.

Advantages of professional Accountants

If you reside in Bromley, search for reputable accountants in Bromley, and hand over the job of maintaining your book of accounts to them. They know the deduction, which the income tax department allows on specific spending, and put your money in such schemes. For example, the IT department allows deduction up to a certain ceiling for money invested in life insurance, property insurance, and government bonds.

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Who would need investment advice?

Individuals who do not know where to put their extra money in require the help of an investment advisor.

Who can provide investment advice?

Professional investment advisors, both individuals and companies will provide you with the help required. They will split your money into several parts and invest them into property, precious metals, shares, mutual funds, bonds, and so on so that you get a decent return on investment after a certain period. Their experience allows them to predict the rise or fall of the market, and invest your money in a risk free manner.

Why would someone need investment advice?

No doubt, you can invest your money in the schemes mentioned above by yourself. However, what can you do if the market suddenly crashes as it did in 2008? In such a scenario, you stand to lose both your principal and interest overnight. Therefore, it is a wise idea to seek the help of a professional.

When is investing beneficial?

Investing is beneficial when you put money in stocks, property, precious metals and the like when their value has gone down. The market has a cycle of nadirs and zeniths. You can easily earn a lot of money through your cash, if you invest it during the downward phase (bear) of the market and sell off your investment when the market is on an upward phase (bull).

Why do people invest?

People invest to earn a greater return on investment than those offered by traditional methods such as fixed (term) deposits or putting your money in a savings account.